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How You Can Enter a Super Bowl Lotto

When the Super Bowl rolls around everyone and their mother seems to be wanting to get in on the action. Even those who didn't watch football much all year seem to turn their attention to the Super Bowl and all it's excitement. If you are a big football fan however, you might want to try your luck at a Super Bowl Pool or lotto to add a little bit more excitement. This sometimes makes a person feel like they are even a bigger part of the action. If you want to do something like this, there are a variety of different choices.

You can for one, buy a square in a Super Bowl pool. There might be someone in your office that is running this pool and this will give you the chance to buy a square that will correspond with the final outcome of the game. On the top line of this board you will see numbers from 0 to 9. Then you will see the same numbers going down the left side of the board. Each person who buys a square will get a number that will correspond to the final score of the big game. You might get the number 3 that is associated with the top line on the board and then 7 that is from the left side. If the top is the AFC team and the left is the NFC team, you would win the bet if the NFC team had a score that ended in 7 and the AFC had a score that ended in 3. For instance it might look like 23-27 as the final score. This means yo would be the winner of the Super Bowl pool.

Another thing you can do is to make a bet on the name of a player who will score the first touchdown in the Super Bowl game. Even the Las Vegas sports books will offer different odds if a player you pick scores the first touchdown.

You can also bet on whether you think that any of the teams will score three times in a row. In some Super Bowls there will be one score and the other will follow with it's own score and the game might continue in this pattern. But, many games will see teams go on runs. One team might score two or three times in row and so on and if you made a bet on this, then you would win the pool.

Another kind of bet you can make is on who is going to win the coin toss. Yes, you can really make a bet on what team will call heads or tails and be successful at winning the toss. This is of course very unpredictable but a lot of football fans will include something like this in their Super Bowl pools to add more excitement to kickoff.

Then of course there is betting on whether the favorite or the underdog will be able to cover the point spread given out by the sports books. This is probably one of the more popular lotto associated games that people will play. This is what makes betting on football so popular by trying to figure out who you think is going to beat the point spread or make the point spread. If you take the favorite to cover the spread and they do then you win. If you take the underdog and say they will keep the favorite from covering the spread then you win and with the bigger odds.

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Investing the Money You Win From the Lottery

Everyone dreams about winning the lotto and never having to worry about a thing again. But, most of us never get even close. But, what would happen if you did win it? What would you do with all those millions of dollars? A lot of people who are lucky enough to win it face that question and often end up blowing the money. Here are a few ideas that might help you with those big winnings.

Let's say that the jackpot you ended up with was $30 million. So, what are you going to do with it all? One really smart thing you might want to do before you do anything else is to take $1 million of it and put it into an index fund. You can get a book about index funds and what they are by reading a book about index funds by John Bogle. You can find books by this author in your local library.

The next thing you might want to do is to maybe invest in a fast food franchise. A good one to consider would be McDonald's. They even send you to school to learn how to run a franchise. You can also educate yourself on how to run any kind of business in order to be successful. Once you learn how to do this, see if there is a franchise up for sale that you can invest in.

You should then take another million dollars and put that into a money market fund or some short term bond fund so you can gain interest on your money while investing it. If you have a million dollars in the bank you are going to be able to live off the interest alone.

You then should take another million dollars and consider putting that into precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver. Invest in the actual coins and not the metal itself. So you might put $500,000 on gold coins and $500,000 on silver coins.

Then you might want to take some more of that money and actually buy yourself a small apartment building. This is a great way to be able to make some money off of income from the rent on all of the apartments that you rent out. This way you have your money working for you and not you working for your money.

By investing just $5 million of your total winnings, you will be ensuring that you will always have a secure financial future and not have to worry about much else the rest of your life. This also would leave you with $25 million dollars to do what you want with. So invest and then go out and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Top Tips on How to Spend Your Lotto Winnings

It could happen, against all the odds, you could be that person who wins the big lotto jackpot. Of course your very first reaction would probably be to go out and start buying everything that you have ever wanted in your life. Although this is fun and wild dream, it really should remain a dream because it's more important that you know how to spend those lotto winnings then blowing it all as soon as you get the money.

One of the smartest things you can do, especially if the winnings are huge, is to hire yourself a financial adviser immediately after you have learned that you are the big winner. You are going to need someone that is paid for doing his job and not on commission because the one that gets paid by the hour is going to be the one that is going to give you the wisest financial advice and will be looking out for you and your decision making.

Take some of the money and make some smaller purchases in the beginning. Even though a brand new car might be one of your dreams, you should wait on making those bigger purchases. This is going to give you plenty of time to shop around and decide what kind of care you want. You will also be able to make sure that you convince yourself to stick in a certain price range. You don't want to pay a fortune for a car that maybe in the end isn't really the practical choice for your way of life.

Make sure to try and pay cash for the things you do buy and never ever buy more than you can truly afford. If you go hog wild with your winnings they will dry up quickly and you may even have to end up returning things.

Take some of the money you won and make investments or put away in a savings account. This is to ensure that you won't end up with nothing left. This is where your financial adviser will come in handy. They should be able to help you find good investments that are low risk but will earn you some money over the long term.

You don't have to be totally devoid of buying something you really want. Allow yourself to buy what might be called a guilty pleasure item. But make sure it's just one single item that you splurge on. Even though it is very wise to spend the money slowly and wisely, you still do deserve to buy at least one expensive luxury item. It could be some expensive jewelry, a vacation or some nice furniture item.

Another smart thing to do is to try and pay off all of your debts. There's nothing better than being completely debt free. When you are debt free, you are freeing up a lot of money from your income that will no longer have to be given to others. So if it's big enough, get rid of your mortgage if you have one, pay off your car and especially, pay off your credit cards.

Unless you won an extremely large amount, you may not want to quit your job right away. Let the idea of all this money sink in first and then work out all the numbers to see if quitting your job really is something you can afford to do.

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Operating Your Own Bingo Game

Bingo has been around for centuries and was first started as a lotto game that was called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia” back in 1530. It quickly became a very popular way in which to raise money for fundraisers. This game is still going strong today and is a fun game of chance that has been used in many creative ways to help support organizations and their fundraisers. If you are considering operating one it will take a few players and facilitators to make sure that the game is run properly.

Before even considering running a bingo game you will need to make sure that it's OK in your area to run bingo. Since bingo is considered a type of gambling you will need to make sure that it's legal in your area. You will also need to provide proof that you are a non-profit organization.

Once you have cleared any legal issues you then will need to come up with a date for your bingo fundraiser. You really need to make sure that you avoid already busy weekends and holidays so that you can ensure the best turnout. You need to also make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for it. This means you should have at least two months to plan for it and get it ready.

After you have your date picked then you need to go and try and get donations of cash and gifts from your local businesses. These are the items that you will use for the winners of the different bingo games you will be playing. You need to try and get prizes that are somewhat valuable and worth the time and money the public puts into it. You should come up with a descriptive and professional letter that you send out to different organizations asking for them to consider donating to your fundraiser. Make sure that you let them know that their donations will be acknowledged at the fundraiser.

You will need to put together a good staff who will be willing to work the night of the event. This means you may need a host, a caller, a person to hand out the prizes, people to serve drinks and appetizers and whatever else you might need to have taken care of.

You are also going to have to go out and get the right bingo supplies like the cards and the machine that the bingo numbers will be drawn from. You can get these things online or if you are on a tight budget you can simply make these things yourself.

You will also need to market your event by making fliers and sending in PSAs to different radio stations and newspapers. You should make sure that you highlight the different prizes and if there is food and other things going on during the event.

Make sure that all people know of their assignment for the evening of the event and make sure that there is a working microphone available for the person that will be calling the game. Have people hand out all the bingo cards to those who are buying into the bingo game as they enter the event and then have them escorted over to where they will be able to see and hear the bingo caller.

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Take Time Out and Throw a Lottery Party

There are 43 states that have their own lottery systems in place and there are millions of people who join in every day to try and get themselves a piece of the pie. Some of the lottery jackpots can become incredibly huge and can make for a pretty fun party if you want to do something different party wise. If there happens to be a super huge jackpot being given away by your state you might want to throw a fun lottery based lotto party in the hopes that one of your guests might be a lucky winner. Even if there is no big winner, you can still play some lotto games and some casino games during the night for entertainment only and maybe some non-cash prizes.

You will of course need to hold the party on one of the nights that your state holds their drawings for the huge jackpot. Before the party you should go out and buy enough tickets so that each of your party guests is given their own ticket.

You can also make some of your own party lotto tickets and then have copies of each one, hand out the party lotto tickets to your guests along with the real ones and then put the duplicates in a box that you've decorated in gold glitter.

You can decorate your tables with some green velvet tablecloths or just green tablecloths of some sort and then put gold votive candles on them and then surround them with chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, put some dice and cards on the tables as well to serve as your centerpieces. You can also fill party bags with some spare change, a couple of real scratch off tickets, an extra lotto ticket for the drawing, some plastic gambling chips if you want as well for a little added decoration and fun and then have a ticket taped to the bottom of one of the chairs at each table and then during the evening when someone sits in the chair, randomly pick one of the chairs with a ticket and the person sitting at the table will get the party bag. Don't forget to have one chair at just one table with a special green ticket for the grand prize drawing at the end of the night.

As the hostess you could dress up like Lady Luck in a long green dress or skirt and wear gold costume jewelry and if you have a host have him dress up with green bow tie and a suit. Have him wear a hat that has a green or gold scarf around it and have fake $100 dollar bills tucked into the scarf.

Make a bunch of lucky boas or leis by stringing together a bunch of crumpled up fake dollar bills and give one to each guest as they enter the party. Ways of entertaining your guests would be to have some casino card games as well as dice games set up to play with fake money. Have them hold onto their fake money till the end of the party.

Make sure that you serve some fancy but not messy finger foods during the party. You don't need to have a full on meal for this. You also can include some champagne as well as sparkling cider as beverages for the guests.

When it comes time for the state lottery drawing make sure to turn the television on so everyone can see if they might be a lucky winner. Once the drawing is over you can distribute any prizes your guests have won fake money and then draw for that one special green ticket under the chair. The person sitting on that chair with the green ticket will go home with whatever you chose to be the grand prize.

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How To Pick Lucky Lotto Numbers

There probably isn't a person in the world where there is lotto allowed that hasn't dreamed of winning that big lottery. It's just natural to want to win some big time money and not have to worry about anything ever again. However, when reality hits, most of us know that something like this isn't going to happen because the odds are just stacked up against us. Many people who do the lotto on a regular basis claim they have their own strategies and schemes but if you have never done it before you might not even know where to start. Here are a few ways in which you can try and win your share of that ever elusive lottery prize.

One thing you can try to do is use unique numbers that pop up in your daily life. Forget about using your kid's birth dates or the date of your anniversary. Instead you might want to use the numbers of your license plate, your street address, your phone number, or even your pet's birth date. Then you can combine these numbers in any fashion if you want and then try your luck and see what might happen doing it this way.

When you decide to go out and buy tickets, remember, the more of them that you buy, the better your chances will be to actually win something. A good thing to do is to buy twice as many tickets than you were originally going to buy. Then take the numbers that you have come up with and pick those and then the other tickets be chosen randomly by the computer.

You shouldn't choose your numbers based on any kind of geometric pattern. There are too many people that already do that and those patterns are usually a pyramid, star, cross and zigzag. The best thing for you to do is simple go with your gut instinct and stick with the numbers that you have chosen or just choose random numbers over any kind of pattern.

You might want to try using some numerology to help pick your numbers. For instance take the year you were born, the month and the day. OK say you were born July 11, 1953. Here is what you would do add 7 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 3=27 and 27 would be one of your numbers. Use other family and friends birth dates could be used in the exact same manner in order to get your other numbers.

If you don't want to go for the lotto tickets you can always buy some scratch tickets instead. Most states have these as well. The pay back on the cards are 60% as compared to 50% on the lotto tickets. Just remember when you buy the scratch off tickets that you don't buy them at the end of their cycle if they happen to be a specialty one like a holiday type scratch off. More than likely the big prizes have already been won and you'll just be ensuring yourself to pick a loser.

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How Form Your Own Lottery Club

If you love the idea of winning the big lotto prize but simply don't like your chances of going it alone, you could always set up your own lottery club. This is a group of lotto players who pool all of their money together to buy lottery tickets. By buying a lot of tickets for a single drawing is going to increase your overall chances of winning the big prize.

In order for you to form a club like this, there are a few legal issues that will need to be taken care of before you and your friends can get started. This means you'll have to fill out some paperwork for the IRS and your state lottery commission. You will also need to draw up some bylaws for you club as well. Below is a guideline on how you can do this.

You will need to come up with a name for your lottery club and then set up an LLC. This is needed in order to get an Employer Identification Number or EIN from the IRS and you will need this in order for you to be able to claim prizes for a group of people. You can go to the IRS website and fill out their form for an SS-4 to get your EIN.

Another thing you can do is simply get an EIN for sole ownership. This means that you will need to designate one person from your club as your club's representative and they will be the one who officially runs your lottery club.

Once you have registered your club with the IRS, the next thing you will need to do is how you will split the money if your club happens to win the big jackpot. It should be pretty easy to decide, especially if each member contributes equally, the money should be split equally.

But, if for instance three people contribute $15 and another person contributes $35 towards the tickets the distribution will be the three at $15 would get 15/80 = 18.75% and the one who paid $35 would receive 35/50 = 43.75%.

The next thing you should do is to figure out how your club will pick the lottery numbers. To avoid any disagreements would be to simply use easy picks, let the computer pick the numbers at random. However, if the club members would rather pick their own numbers, make sure that the person who picks the right numbers doesn't expect that their winnings should increase because of it.

You should come up with a contract for all the club members to sign. Although this is not mandatory it does make the club run a lot smoother when they know they have signed an agreement.

If your club happens to end up holding a winning ticket you will need to fill out the form 5754 in order to claim your prize. You can find this on your state's lottery website. On the form you will fill in all the names of your club members along with their social security numbers in order to get the prize money.

Final Note: No matter how many members you have in your club always remember that you should always play responsibly and don't be careless with your money.

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How to Play Different Keno Games

Keno games are considered to be lotto type games and are very popular and very easy to play. The reason why these games are so popular is because you have the potential of winning for a very low risk of the loss of money. Most casinos and states that allow lotto gambling will offer keno games for just $1 a ticket. With this $1 you may even have a chance of winning $50,000. You can play Keno in a casino, a bar or some restaurants and the players watch for their numbers to come up on TV screens called Keno boards.

When you want to play a Keno game in a casino you can get a ticket from a table at the casino or in one of their Keno lounges. When you get your ticket you can then pick anywhere from 4 to 10 numbers on your ticket. You will mark the numbers between 1 to 80, that you think will be the winning numbers. You can use a Keno crayon or pencil to mark your choices on the ticket. Each number that you pick is called a spot and if you picked 5 numbers then you would be playing 5 Spot Keno.

After you have filled it out you will give your ticket to the clerk at the Keno desk or Keno counter and the amount of money that you are waging. Then the clerk will give you a duplicate Keno ticket that will have all the numbers that you picked on it. You will then just sit down, relax and watch the Keno boards to see if any of your numbers are picked in the random drawing. If any of your numbers match then take your ticket to the desk or counter to pick up your winnings or you can give your ticket to a Keno runner if you are busy doing something else in the casino.

There are some websites that have Keno games available to play online. is one site that comes to mind where you can play this game. These games are free and the money bets you wager are just for fun and there is no real money changing hands. Just go to the site and click on play and then you can pick 3 to 10 numbers on the online ticket, pick how much to wager and then click on the button for that amount. You can choose how many rounds you want to play the numbers for as well. If you want to collect the points from the games that you play on this site you will have to join the site by creating a user account.

Then there are the Keno lotto tickets. These you can buy at the gas station or any convenience store or any other place that sells lottery tickets. Just go and buy your Keno ticket and simply follow the instructions on the card. Use a coin to scratch off the numbers when you are ready to play. If your ticket is a winner just take it to the person working at the store or gas station to collect your winnings.

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