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How To Pick Lucky Lotto Numbers

There probably isn't a person in the world where there is lotto allowed that hasn't dreamed of winning that big lottery. It's just natural to want to win some big time money and not have to worry about anything ever again. However, when reality hits, most of us know that something like this isn't going to happen because the odds are just stacked up against us. Many people who do the lotto on a regular basis claim they have their own strategies and schemes but if you have never done it before you might not even know where to start. Here are a few ways in which you can try and win your share of that ever elusive lottery prize.

One thing you can try to do is use unique numbers that pop up in your daily life. Forget about using your kid's birth dates or the date of your anniversary. Instead you might want to use the numbers of your license plate, your street address, your phone number, or even your pet's birth date. Then you can combine these numbers in any fashion if you want and then try your luck and see what might happen doing it this way.

When you decide to go out and buy tickets, remember, the more of them that you buy, the better your chances will be to actually win something. A good thing to do is to buy twice as many tickets than you were originally going to buy. Then take the numbers that you have come up with and pick those and then the other tickets be chosen randomly by the computer.

You shouldn't choose your numbers based on any kind of geometric pattern. There are too many people that already do that and those patterns are usually a pyramid, star, cross and zigzag. The best thing for you to do is simple go with your gut instinct and stick with the numbers that you have chosen or just choose random numbers over any kind of pattern.

You might want to try using some numerology to help pick your numbers. For instance take the year you were born, the month and the day. OK say you were born July 11, 1953. Here is what you would do add 7 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 3=27 and 27 would be one of your numbers. Use other family and friends birth dates could be used in the exact same manner in order to get your other numbers.

If you don't want to go for the lotto tickets you can always buy some scratch tickets instead. Most states have these as well. The pay back on the cards are 60% as compared to 50% on the lotto tickets. Just remember when you buy the scratch off tickets that you don't buy them at the end of their cycle if they happen to be a specialty one like a holiday type scratch off. More than likely the big prizes have already been won and you'll just be ensuring yourself to pick a loser.

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