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How to Play Different Keno Games

Keno games are considered to be lotto type games and are very popular and very easy to play. The reason why these games are so popular is because you have the potential of winning for a very low risk of the loss of money. Most casinos and states that allow lotto gambling will offer keno games for just $1 a ticket. With this $1 you may even have a chance of winning $50,000. You can play Keno in a casino, a bar or some restaurants and the players watch for their numbers to come up on TV screens called Keno boards.

When you want to play a Keno game in a casino you can get a ticket from a table at the casino or in one of their Keno lounges. When you get your ticket you can then pick anywhere from 4 to 10 numbers on your ticket. You will mark the numbers between 1 to 80, that you think will be the winning numbers. You can use a Keno crayon or pencil to mark your choices on the ticket. Each number that you pick is called a spot and if you picked 5 numbers then you would be playing 5 Spot Keno.

After you have filled it out you will give your ticket to the clerk at the Keno desk or Keno counter and the amount of money that you are waging. Then the clerk will give you a duplicate Keno ticket that will have all the numbers that you picked on it. You will then just sit down, relax and watch the Keno boards to see if any of your numbers are picked in the random drawing. If any of your numbers match then take your ticket to the desk or counter to pick up your winnings or you can give your ticket to a Keno runner if you are busy doing something else in the casino.

There are some websites that have Keno games available to play online. is one site that comes to mind where you can play this game. These games are free and the money bets you wager are just for fun and there is no real money changing hands. Just go to the site and click on play and then you can pick 3 to 10 numbers on the online ticket, pick how much to wager and then click on the button for that amount. You can choose how many rounds you want to play the numbers for as well. If you want to collect the points from the games that you play on this site you will have to join the site by creating a user account.

Then there are the Keno lotto tickets. These you can buy at the gas station or any convenience store or any other place that sells lottery tickets. Just go and buy your Keno ticket and simply follow the instructions on the card. Use a coin to scratch off the numbers when you are ready to play. If your ticket is a winner just take it to the person working at the store or gas station to collect your winnings.

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