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Operating Your Own Bingo Game

Bingo has been around for centuries and was first started as a lotto game that was called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia” back in 1530. It quickly became a very popular way in which to raise money for fundraisers. This game is still going strong today and is a fun game of chance that has been used in many creative ways to help support organizations and their fundraisers. If you are considering operating one it will take a few players and facilitators to make sure that the game is run properly.

Before even considering running a bingo game you will need to make sure that it's OK in your area to run bingo. Since bingo is considered a type of gambling you will need to make sure that it's legal in your area. You will also need to provide proof that you are a non-profit organization.

Once you have cleared any legal issues you then will need to come up with a date for your bingo fundraiser. You really need to make sure that you avoid already busy weekends and holidays so that you can ensure the best turnout. You need to also make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for it. This means you should have at least two months to plan for it and get it ready.

After you have your date picked then you need to go and try and get donations of cash and gifts from your local businesses. These are the items that you will use for the winners of the different bingo games you will be playing. You need to try and get prizes that are somewhat valuable and worth the time and money the public puts into it. You should come up with a descriptive and professional letter that you send out to different organizations asking for them to consider donating to your fundraiser. Make sure that you let them know that their donations will be acknowledged at the fundraiser.

You will need to put together a good staff who will be willing to work the night of the event. This means you may need a host, a caller, a person to hand out the prizes, people to serve drinks and appetizers and whatever else you might need to have taken care of.

You are also going to have to go out and get the right bingo supplies like the cards and the machine that the bingo numbers will be drawn from. You can get these things online or if you are on a tight budget you can simply make these things yourself.

You will also need to market your event by making fliers and sending in PSAs to different radio stations and newspapers. You should make sure that you highlight the different prizes and if there is food and other things going on during the event.

Make sure that all people know of their assignment for the evening of the event and make sure that there is a working microphone available for the person that will be calling the game. Have people hand out all the bingo cards to those who are buying into the bingo game as they enter the event and then have them escorted over to where they will be able to see and hear the bingo caller.

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